Workshop- Practical Strategies for Intentional Leadership

Date: 09/21/2023
Start Time: 9:30am
End Time: 12:30pm
Room: Palm 4-6
Track: Leadership & Management
Speakers: Luke Freeman, Stephanie Licata

In this interactive workshop you’ll explore leadership development at three levels: leading oneself, leading others, and making leadership development a strong part of your organization’s culture. By designing individual leadership goals, you will start by articulating what support you need in your own professional growth. Next, you’ll learn about how other tribal enterprises have successfully implemented ongoing leadership development programs and their impact. Then you’ll design a practical plan for equipping supervisors and managers with leadership skills and learn how to set and maintain leadership effectiveness standards that enable you to hold leaders accountable to maintain the culture you want. You’ll also learn how to provide appropriate development opportunities for all employees, from setting the stage on a front-line employee’s first day, to providing executive leadership development.