Closing Keynote: Technology, Leadership, Resilience: Engage the Never Give Up Mindset

Date: 09/20/2023
Start Time: 12:15pm
End Time: 1:15pm
Room: Town & Country A
Track: Keynote Presentation
Speakers: Scott Lesnick

Attendees should be prepared for laughter, gasps, and cheers during this powerful signature keynote based on Scott’s book, “Kidjacked: A
Fathers Story”. Offering participants a unique and inspiring perspective on leadership, resilience, implementing effective strategies, navigating change, and overcoming obstacles in both professional and personal lives. With firsthand experience in facing extreme challenges and conquering seemingly insurmountable odds, Scott’s keynote will inspire and motivate attendees to tap into their own reservoirs of resilience and determination. Drawing upon the principles of resilience, grit and repurposing exemplified by trailblazers such as Ernest Shackleton and Dr. Angela Duckworth, their stories, combined with Scott’s personal narrative, provide a comprehensive framework for understanding and implementing effective strategies in the workplace. Attendees will be immersed and experience Scott’s captivating storytelling skills and participate in a fun group activity. Key outcomes include; elevating leadership skills through effective relationship building, enhanced communication proficiency and engagement, heightened decision-making by recognizing and managing stress and burnout, enhanced approaches to long-term challenges, and increased ability to cultivate growth mentorship and leadership amidst significant change.