Scott Lesnick

Job Title: Global Leadership Keynote Speaker, CSP, Certified Speaking Professional and Author
Organization: Successful Business Solutions llc.


Scott Lesnick is an esteemed global keynote speaker renowned for his powerful keynotes and interactive educational breakout sessions. With over 30 events per year, Scott captivates audiences worldwide with his engaging presentations. He is a sought- after author, having published both a memoir titled “Kidjacked – A Father’s Story” and a critically acclaimed book titled “Lifejacked: Life Lessons on Leadership.” Scott’s expertise is recognized by his esteemed Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from the National Speakers Association, a distinction achieved by only 12% of speakers worldwide. In addition to his accomplishments as a speaker and author, Scott has made significant personal achievements. He recently presented at TEDx, sharing his insights and inspiring audiences. Also, Scott has completed the equivalent of running twice around the planet, covering an astounding distance of 50,000 miles! Prior to his speaking career, Scott spent 24 award-winning years leading sales teams at Shaw Industries, a Fortune 500 company under the Berkshire Hathaway umbrella. This extensive experience in sales leadership provides him with practical insights and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by professionals.