Tell us about your Installed Solutions

TribalHub collects data from Tribes across the United States to provide you and our members with valuable non-competitive information designed to help all tribes make the best and most informed decisions. In this questionnaire, we have put together the primary technology systems that are critical to operating any organization. Your responses to our survey will make it possible for us to help you compare and contrast your organization in relation to similar size tribes and/or tribal enterprises, and we can share common proven systems for areas that you are seeking a solution for.

We take care to protect and secure all data that we collect. As part of our standard security, Payment, Surveillance, Security, and other sensitive system information is automatically secured and will not be displayed or shared outside of your organization. When completed with standard security, you will be able to receive more benchmarking and analysis specific to your organization. If you prefer, you have the option to make all of your responses non-attributable to you or your organization, which will significantly limit the benchmarking available to your specific organization.