Rick Denley

Job Title: Speaker/Author/Leader and Founder
Organization: Peak Performance Leadership

Rick Denley is a courageous leader. Rick learned at a young age he would have to continually adapt and change if he was going to be successful. Ongoing challenges continually forced him to discover innovative ways to constantly change to grow and achieve when he didn’t fit in the world’s constraining box. Achieving his formal education and rising through the ranks in the corporate world was a fight for Rick, first of many. Rick’s success as a leader came from being able to align company and peoples purposes with their passions. In 2016 Rick left the corporate world and founded Peak Performance Leadership. Using his engineering background, Rick developed a Change Growth Formula and wrote a best selling book to share his blue print for personal and professional growth. Working with individuals and organizations alike, thousands have benefitted from Rick’s leadership and coaching. Always looking for his next challenge and often mixing personal and career lives, Rick formalized his fighting spirit to raise funds and awareness for cancer research by stepping in the ring as an amateur boxer. As a sought after keynote speaker, he continues pursuing his passion of coaching tomorrow’s leaders by punching through their growth ceilings to reach their peak performance. Rick is a proud Torontonian, father of two adult sons Evan and Max. He has a slightly odd passion for challenging his his mind and body in difficult sports