Shasha Jumbe

Job Title: CEO
Organization: Level 42 AI, Inc

Shasha’s reason for being (ikigai), is: We can and should do better to leverage the power of data for better health for all. His Brownian path from intrapreneurship, leading big data initiatives at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and advancing drug development through modeling and simulation at Roche, Genentech, and Amgen, to entrepreneurship as co-founder and CEO of Level 42 AI, Inc is aimed to unleash the full power of data, data science, and technological innovation to help underserved communities leap-frog inequities.  Shasha is an established health care and quantitative drug development problem solver with over 50 modeling papers published. Shasha is a recognized thought leader on inter-disciplinary approaches to solving remaining tough ecosystems-of-systems problems, and the challenge of shallow data issues in big data science challenges of global health. Shasha is an avid track and soccer athlete, and coaches the Biomechanics of Sprinting to 5-12 year olds.