Mike Day

Job Title: Founder & Executive Officer
Organization: TribalHub

Michael Day is the Founder and Executive Officer of TribalHub.  He is also the chairperson for not-for-profit Tribal Share and the Tribal-ISAC. 

Mike’s experience includes over 30 years of leadership experience as a CIO for a large tribe in Michigan, for a multi-property commercial gaming company based in Las Vegas and Pennsylvania, and as a consultant to numerous tribes and tribal gaming across the United States

Mike is a founder of TribalHub, TribalNet, Tribal Share, the Tribal-ISAC and  both the Native American Technology Research Center (NATRC) and the Gaming and Hospitality Research Center (GHRC).

As a member of multiple industry advisory boards, a frequent speaker at gaming and tribal events and a regular contributor to industry magazines, his vision and accomplishments have been recognized by many industry publications. In 2016 Day was recognized with the Lifetime Achievement Award from his industry peers and Gaming and Leisure Magazine.