Kristi Naternicola

Job Title: Program Manager/Liaison Specialist
Organization: Federal Bureau of Investigation

Kristi Naternicola is a native of West Virginia. Kristi began her career with the FBI in 1997 as a Fingerprint Examiner and has worked with all major systems of the FBI CJIS Division. Since 2015, Kristi has managed the FBI CJIS Division’s Tribal Engagement Program, a Division level outreach effort geared toward establishing and fostering valuable relationships with the Native American community. AS the primary tribal liaison for the FBI CJIS Division, Kristi travels across the country to facilitate collaborative meetings, provide training, assistance and support to tribal partners regarding all of the CJIS Division systems and programs. AS a Liaison Specialist, she maintains open communication with executives from federal, state, local, tribal and territorial law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, tribal leaders, national law enforcement and criminal justice associations, in an effort to share her knowledge and experience in accessing and participating in national criminal justice programs and services. Kristi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.