Jonathan Fairtlough

Job Title: Principal, Cyber Threat Management
Organization: KPMG

A Principal in KPMG’s Cyber Threat Management practice, he has over 20 years of experience in investigating and responding to digital data Incidents, cyber-attacks and theft. Jonathan works with a diverse client base to help manage complex data and intrusion incidents, including ransomware, data extortion, theft of intellectual property and insider theft. Jonathan specializes in working at the direction of counsel to integrate IR response and management services. Jonathan started his career at the Los Angeles County District Attorneys office, where he ran the digital evidence presentation for the case of People v. Orenthal James Simpson. He co-founded and was the Assistant Head Deputy of the High Technology Crimes Division, where he oversaw a team of prosecutors and investigators in successfully prosecuting hundreds of cases of computer intrusion, technology enabled identity theft, Intellectual property and trade secret crimes. He co-created the training curriculum at the National Computer Forensic Institute, a US DHS training center for state and local prosecutors, judges and investigators.