Frances Alvarez

Job Title: Chairwoman
Organization: Tribal Gaming Protection Network

Frances Alvarez (Ipai Kumeyaay) is an experienced tribal relations executive with over 23 years of service in the tribal gaming industry. Driven by passion, she takes pride in building relationships with indigenous communities and exploring mutual beneficial opportunities. After a 17-year tenure with the San Pasqual Tribal Gaming Commission, she ventured to discover a new field of service in technology. As the VP of Professional Services for Merydyan, she worked with tribes across the nation helping them rediscover efficient practices through technology. Serving as a tribal services executive for BMM North America, Frances discovered her unwavering commitment to support Indian country through community engagement, education, and philanthropic efforts. Frances currently serves as Chairwoman for the Tribal Gaming Protection Network and as President for the National Native American Hall of Fame. Her most recent achievement was following her entrepreneurial spirit and starting Rezonate LLC, a fractional tribal relations firm.