David Goldberg

Job Title: Vice President Executive Partner
Organization: Gartner


David Goldberg, Vice President Executive Partner with Gartner’s Executive Programs, serves our tribal community and other Gartner members through 30 years of executive and business leadership across several industries including Government, Defense, Marketing, Financial, Entertainment, Agriculture, Hospitality, Tribal and Advertising. Building long-lasting partnerships with many of our tribal clients for the last several years, David specializes in strategy and transformation initiatives including Culture and Organizational Change, Communication and Collaboration planning, and Innovation and developing Centers of Excellence. He reinforces Gartner’s best practices to facilitate connections between our members to increase collaboration and expand our community of experts and executives. He provides substantial value to all his clients including helping CIO’s advance their leadership and communication skills to include how IT can positively impact business outcomes and the tribes we serve. David’s education includes a MS, Business Operations and Technology, a MS, Aeronautical Science and a BS, Computer Applications and Classics.