Dan Thurmon

Job Title: Speaker, Author & Peak Performance Coach
Organization: Motivation Works, Inc.

Dan Thurmon is a renowned speaker, author, and peak performance coach. He’s delivered thousands of presentations across six continents for audiences including world leaders, Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, educators, and troops on the front lines.

Dan is a leader in his profession, having served as President of the National Speakers Association. In 2011 he was inducted into the prestigious Speakers Hall of Fame. 

Dan is the author of Off Balance On Purpose, and he produces an ongoing, weekly video-coaching series which is filmed, quite literally, around the world.

Recently, Dan and his daughter, Maggie, have become social media sensations on TikTok. Together they have more than 6 million followers, and produce a weekly podcast called Wholesome Chaos.

Dan is a health and fitness advocate. In his mid-50s, he continues to pursue exciting hobbies such as mountain unicycling (yes, really) and incorporate physical stunts into his live presentations.