Chris Province

Job Title: Principal
Organization: Purpose & Performance Group

Chris Province is a performance improvement specialist and champion for intentional leadership. A member of the Cherokee Nation, he has worked with more than sixty gaming & hospitality properties across the United States to address mission-critical operating challenges in the areas of gaming operations, casino marketing, food & beverage and talent development.

Chris completed his undergraduate studies at Oklahoma State University and holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Oklahoma in the field of Organizational Development. While at OU, his work on transformational leadership models was formally recognized by University faculty for excellence in the field of Social & Behavioral Research.

Chris is committed to connecting with and partnering with courageous leaders to create structure, cultivate mindsets, and assume total accountability for performance. With a broad range of experience spanning single and multi-unit operations across rural, metropolitan and international markets, there exists the necessary balance of experience, knowledge and curiosity to help people achieve their vision of success.