Chris Johnston

Job Title: CEO
Organization: Bulletproof, a GLI Company

Chris Johnston is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bulletproof responsible for leading a top-notch team that delivers transformative solutions to help organizations across the globe achieve more; securely. A proven leader with twenty-five years of experience, twelve at Bulletproof, Chris has held technical operations, sales, and management roles across several industries. His entrepreneurial spirit and his passion for serving customers have been constant tenants throughout his career. Prior to taking the reins as CEO in January 2020, Chris was instrumental in driving the company’s national expansion and 100% growth over the last 3 years as Vice President of Sales. Today, Chris focuses his time on leading the company’s strategic direction with Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success mandates. He has a strong vision for Bulletproof as a premier service organization delivering exceptional quality and customer value across all its business lines.