TribalHub Community Delivers: where we’ve been, how we’re doing, and where we’re going as a community of technology minded leaders

Date: 09/14/2022
Start Time: 9:15am
End Time: 10:00am
Room: Reno Ballroom
Track: Keynote Presentation
Speakers: Mike Day

Tribes and technology have come a long way in the past three decades.  Both have navigated obstacles, overcome difficulties, built things that have changed the world, and are still paving the way for continued success.  For tribes and their enterprises, much of this happened with no clear roadmap and often chaotically with little collaboration.  Meanwhile, technology has played an ever increasing role in success, while the way we successfully use it, purchase it and implement it has continuously matured and changed.  Every tribe is challenged to be competitive and provide service excellence while remaining lean, efficient and innovative. Fortunately, each of us now has tools and community connections at our fingertips that we did not have 20 or 30 years ago to help keep us personally and professionally ahead of the game.  We found a better way, and you don’t have to (and shouldn’t) work alone.  Join Mike Day, founder of TribalHub, as he walks through 20+ years of growth in tribes and technology and then looks forward into how your TribalHub community will better prepare you to move successfully into the future.