TribalHub Benchmarking

Date: 09/18/2023
Start Time: 12:45pm
End Time: 1:30pm
Room: Town & Country C

This is your opportunity to grab a free TribalNet Meet and Greet shirt and have a great chance at winning $500 all as the TribalHub team walks you through completing a simple online questionnaire that will update your tribe’s systems profile. Once completed, you will have a great tool to compare and contrast your own tribal technology solutions and infrastructure against that of other tribes all across the nation – using the TribalHub Member Portal. This is an extremely valuable tool for any tribe to have. You will need to bring a laptop, tablet or other device with a web browser to the session in order to complete the survey. Only one person per tribe (or tribal enterprise) needs to complete the survey for your tribe, but anyone who attends can help with the responses and have an opportunity at a free shirt and will receive an entry into the $500 drawing.