The Intersection of Leadership, Technology and Legal

Date: 09/14/2022
Start Time: 10:15am
End Time: 11:15am
Room: Carson 1-2
Track: Leadership & Management
Speakers: Kimi Gordy

Technology, data protection laws, compliance requirements, cybersecurity, cloud based services, sovereignty issues and the desire to drive revenue, provide better services and be as efficient and cost effective as possible all collide when it comes to the hundreds of systems and software applications that define how your tribe or tribal enterprise operates, gathers data, provides services and interacts with third-party providers. This session is designed to help you understand some best practices related to how your leadership, technology team and legal team can be more effective in working together towards their shared goals, including properly preparing and protecting the organization. Join Kimi Gordy, a skilled privacy lawyer who specializes in advising Native American tribes as she discusses the following key points:
  • Identify the bodies of law that may apply to tribal entities and key privacy provisions tribes should consider enacting within their own codes 
  • Review best practices for integrating IT, legal, and commerce divisions to build a shared incident response and business continuity plan
  • Discuss firewalling information to separate data held by the tribe from data held by its non-sovereign tribal-owned entity
  • Brief discussion of emerging areas such as sportsbook, metaverse casinos, and data sharing consortiums