A New Truth-modern cyber defense requires a united strategy & team approach

Date: 09/13/2022
Start Time: 9:45am
End Time: 10:45am
Room: Carson 1-2
Track: Information Security
Speakers: Chris Johnston

Establishing a proper IT security budget is one thing, but the choices we make on how to spend that budget are even more critical. Is it better to seek a multi-service capable provider or should we procure multiple “best-of-breed” security solutions thinking that a vendor can only be great at one thing? Historically, the multi-vendor solution created significant complication, costs and administrative overhead to manage multiple agreements, product upgrades and product integrations. Today, most tribes are looking to Managed Security Service Providers or MSSPs to address this challenge effectively given their limited budget and resources. This session will help all attendees to leave with a better understanding of how they can take steps forward with the right partners to simplify vs complicate their security preparedness world.