Roadmapping- Tribal-ISAC- session and cocktails

Date: 11/09/2021
Start Time: 2:30pm
End Time: 4:30pm
Room: Texoma 1-2
Track: Information Security
Speakers: Jon Crosson, Jennifer Lyn Walker

Tribal-ISAC is the hub for cyber and all hazards threat information sharing, threat prevention, protection, community response, and a managed and trusted collaboration with other tribes, industry ISACs, and government agencies for all tribal governments and their operations and enterprises. This session will provide an overview of the current activities while developing goals and milestones to continue maturing the Tribal-ISAC in its mission to improve the overall security posture of tribes with an emphasis on cyber security but including all hazard threats and risks. The roadmap will focus on topics such as: information sharing and analysis, threat intelligence, security awareness and education, threat briefings and webinars, and security preparedness and resilience programs. This two-hour session will include roadmap development, along with networking and collaborating with your colleagues. Don’t miss this exciting session!