Ransomware Best Practices Workshop

Date: 09/19/2023
Start Time: 2:30pm
End Time: 4:30pm
Room: Town & Country A
Track: Cybersecurity
Speakers: Andy Jabbour, Jennifer Lyn Walker

Gate 15 will facilitate a two-hour workshop on the threat of ransomware and best practices surrounding it. Participants will be both learning and actively engaged in discussing the complex and pervasive threat of ransomware. The workshop provides opportunity to share ideas on actions taken and considerations made that help secure networks and effectively respond should an incident occur. While discussing current, evolving threats, the exercise will look at White House-recommended best practices, what organizations are doing today, and other key considerations. Gate 15, the research analyst arm of the Tribal Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Tribal-ISAC) and will also discuss how information sharing among tribes on cyber related incidents is critical to preparing for and responding to ransomware and other cyber related incidents.