Managing the Hybrid Workforce- policy, budgets, privacy concerns

Date: 09/12/2022
Start Time: 9:45am
End Time: 10:45pm
Room: Carson 3-4
Track: Information Security
Speakers: Peter Thayer

A hybrid workforce with traditional on-site employees combined with a mobile and/or work-from-home employee base has made access and security more challenging for all tribes and tribal enterprises. This topic will cover some of those new challenges and best practices that any organization with a hybrid workforce should consider. How might this affect your budget, data ownership and privacy of tribal assets and customers as well as employee privacy. Do you have the right policies and standard operating procedures in place? Join this session as speaker Peter Thayer, who has over a decade of experience developing products for securing systems from cyber-attacks, highlights techniques to employ Attack Surface Reduction (ASR.) Windows users particularly, due to Microsoft’s policy of backward compatibility for line of business applications, can benefit by reducing their computer’s attack surface using built in features to disable vulnerabilities like credential stealing by locking down the Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS).

These techniques described are “free”, but are a powerful business risk mitigation technique for hybrid workforces where computer use is not always in a security-controlled and monitored environment.  The following topics will be discussed.

  • What is ASR and how ASR decreases the risk of a cyber-attack and lateral attack propagation for public agencies, small businesses, and individuals. Particular focus will be on Windows OS, with some discussion of OSX, IoS, and Android.
  • How to effectively implement an ASR program for hybrid workers using Powershell, Intune, and other tools.
  • How to identify and tune ASR rules for applications that break when ASR is implemented. This will cover rule tuning. It will also contain information on application selection criteria for internally developed tools or 3rd party tools.
  • Why ASR is effective, even if partially implemented, within an organization by decreasing lateral movement vectors.
  • Present a case study, of tuning the author’s mom’s PC, using Powershell.