Creating a Coaching Culture: a workshopped case study

Date: 09/12/2022
Start Time: 1:30pm
End Time: 2:30pm
Room: Carson 3-4
Track: Leadership & Management
Speakers: Stephanie Licata

In this dynamic and interactive¬†session, participants will experience part of a program that is currently being used to support tribal organizations in growing a coaching culture. In addition to untangling coaching, mentoring, and other management approaches, participants will have the opportunity to practice micro-coaching techniques in real time. Integrated into the session will be key takeaways from a multi-year coaching culture initiative with Win-River Resort and Casino in Redding California. By understanding how tribal organizations¬†are leveraging a micro training approach to coaching skills you’ll gain insight into the power of leaders going from BOSS to COACH to elevate performance, build community and improve overall retention.