Closing Keynote: The Warrior Withing, MC Wrap Up of 25th anniversary and $1000 drawing Sponsored Hewlett Packard & ITsavvy

Date: 09/18/2024
Start Time: 12:45pm
End Time: 2:00pm
Room: Pavilion 1,2,3
Track: Keynote Presentation
Speakers: D.J. Vanas

We all want to be brave. We all want to deliver when it matters… and in this session, you’ll be inspired to do both. Enduring tough times and turbulent change can bring fearful doubt which can affect our focus, wellness and the way we serve others. Based on his new book The Warrior Within, D.J. shares a unique, powerful perspective from Native American culture on what the warrior role is (and isn’t) about and how we can emulate the principles of that role to stay strong to contribute to our “tribe” (family, company, clients, community, etc.) — and understand that the role of warriors can make us warriors in our roles! As he did as the host of his own PBS special Discovering Your Warrior Spirit, he’ll share with you, in a straightforward and entertaining way, how to navigate change with confidence and clarity, leverage scarce resources for maximum effect, maintain perspective, health (and a sense of humor) and continue to serve at our best even in chaos. Whether preparing to tackle the next 25 days, 25 weeks or 25 years, these principles will serve you well as we celebrate TribalNet’s 25th Annual Conference. Now is the time for warriors to stand up, be strong and lead by example – are you ready?