Broadband- the evolution & sustainability model

Date: 09/12/2022
Start Time: 9:45am
End Time: 10:45am
Room: Carson 1-2
Track: Tribal Government Technology
Speakers: Allyson Mitchell, Jon Walton

Fiber infrastructure built out directly to individual tribal members’ homes has long been held as the gold standard of connectivity and the goal of most tribes. However, many tribes have realized that sometimes this is not only unrealistic due to initial cost and geography, but it is most often entirely unsustainable. This session will discuss the real world challenges of broadband connectivity, including the need to consider hybrid solutions and partnerships with state, local and commercial enterprises to create the best outcome for the tribe, tribal members and a sustainable solution. Hear from Allyson Mitchell of Mohawk Networks as she outlines the pros and cons of a fixed wireless solution and that of a fiber to the home solution. Learn strategies for partnering with local industry experts and garnering support from tribal leadership, as well as evaluating the right project management team. Jon Walton, CIO of Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska, will share how tribes can plan, install, and maintain carrier neutral broadband systems that enable a tribe to retain sovereignty over their assets and provide self service to tribal members and the surrounding communities.