Annual IHS Update

Date: 09/19/2023
Start Time: 1:15pm
End Time: 2:45pm
Room: Town & Country B
Track: Tribal Health Information Management
Speakers: Mitchell Thornbrugh

The Indian Health Service (IHS) has progressed into the building phase of the complex, multi-year effort to modernize its Health Information Technology (IT) infrastructure.  IHS has reviewed proposals from the industry for products and services to fully replace the Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS) and the RPMS Electronic Health Record (EHR) with modern, proven, commercially available solutions.  HIT modernization will be a transformational effort for IHS and our tribal and urban Indian organization partners. This session will: 1) Review the background and drivers for HIT Modernization; 2) Update you on the progress of the HIT Modernization project to date; 3) Discuss the challenges and opportunities for governance and change management with an enterprise solution for the Indian/Tribal/Urban (I/T/U) health systems.