Future Authentication Strategies

Date: 09/19/2023
Start Time: 9:45am
End Time: 10:45am
Room: Town & Country C
Track: Cybersecurity
Speakers: Jason Norred, Jennifer Lyn Walker

Are you dealing with Identity-sprawl? Are your users frustrated by seemingly endless MFA prompts? Password reset requests for application identities that you were not even aware you were managing? The increased risk to Identities from nation-state threat actors combined with the fact that compromised identities were the culprit for many successful ransomware and/or other cyber attacks have caused organizations to layer in additional security controls and technology to protect their Identities. In most cases, this has resulted in incredible user frustration, never-ending Identity projects, and expanding budget needs while not solving the problem. While this is not an “easy” problem to solve, it is solvable and should be treated as a transformation project. Join us, and we will discuss common pitfalls and ways to avoid them.