Data-Driven Delights: The Verdict on CDPs (Customer Data Platforms)

Date: 09/18/2023
Start Time: 9:45am
End Time: 10:45am
Room: Palm 1-3
Track: Tribal Gaming & Hospitality
Speakers: Omar Ayoubi, Ryan McGrath

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools have long been at the heart of helping casino/resort employees manage their customer relationships & preferences. What is the role of a CRM platform in a customer or tribal member experience transformation and how can it work with a CDP (Customer Data Platform) to transform the way we engage? What key features and functionality should you be looking to prioritize in 2023? How have CRM needs evolved into Customer Data Platform (CDP) needs for marketers and tribal outreach coordinators?¬†Attendees of this session will gain practical knowledge and actionable takeaways including the value of a CDP and how it might benefit¬†their tribes’ customer engagement/membership management.