TribalNet's 2020 Industry Awards

TribalNet’s 2020 Industry Awards

If the year 2020 has shown us anything thus far, it has certainly highlighted the importance of innovation; like no other time in recent history, has the world shifted so quickly. All signs point to success and sustainability for those who were able to innovate and adapt quickly. And doing so during a world-wide pandemic has surely taken remarkable efforts – so tell us about your organization’s technology superheroes! 

We know there are IT teams out there who overcame incredible obstacles to meet the needs of their tribe- whether from the government/member services perspective, or health care or enterprises; good people showed up with smart solutions! Tell us about those teams. How has your team worked to establish a “new normal” or set up secure solutions for “work from home” practices? Maybe your tribal health IT team increased functionality or capacity for telehealth services. Perhaps your casino technology team has quickly and efficiently implemented new “reopen safely” measures or utilized shutdown times for embracing innovative technology that was not even on the horizon for your team otherwise. These are the superhero scenarios we want to recognize this year with our TribalNet 2020 Industry Awards. 

We can’t wait to hear the stories of innovation and resilience that have occurred within technology teams from tribes all across the country. This year, one team in each of the following categories will be recognized during the Virtual Award Ceremony with a TribalNet Industry Award: Tribal Government/Member Services, Tribal Gaming/Hospitality, Tribal Health.


A few easy steps will get the process started! Select the category of team from the 3 options below. Next, complete either a Recommendation or a Nomination.

Recommendations are due 10/5: Use this option if you DON’T work within the actual team, but you know that they are doing great things. Complete a very short survey and provide the contact information for someone who does work within that team. We will reach out to them for additional details.

Nominations are due 10/12: Select this option if you DO work within the team and you have knowledge of the work/projects specific to innovation and can answer a few detailed questions.

The TribalNet Advisory Boards will review the submissions and will ultimately select an Industry Award recipient from each of the categories below, making these awards especially rewarding as teams are recognized by industry peers!

Tribal Government IT Team
Tribal Enterprise IT Team
Tribal Health IT Team